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Alumni E-Community Features

Here are the main items available for alumni in the Alumin E-Community:


The University of Waterloo Identity and Access Management (WatIAM) is used to manage login. Many UWaterloo departments use this central login system so that after students convocate they can seamlessly continue to use many University services post-graduation.

You use your WatIAM login credentials to log into the E-Community.

If you convocated in 2001 or later, you had a WatIAM account as a student and it’s still active; you can log into the E-Community at any time. If you’ve forgotten your WatIAM user ID or password, you can retrieve your WatiAM login credentials.

If you convocated in 2000 or earlier, you first need to activate your WatIAM account. You only need to activate your account once.

Email Address Information

All alumni with a WatIAM account have an email address, and mail sent to that address is managed via a UWaterloo Micrsoft 365 account.

Pre-2015, the old E-Community used to generate forwarding email addresses. If yours was grandfathered, it will be listed on your E-Community profile, but note that you now control the forwarding destination for it (or receive email sent to to it) via a UWaterloo Microsoft 365 account.

For more information on email services, visit the "Do I still have an email address?" section on our FAQ page.

Address Update

When logged into the E-Community, your profile now pre-populates with the latest info we have on record for you, directly from the alumni records database. When you update your address, email address, phone number, or business info in E-Community, that information is written directly back to your alumni record.

Alumni News

A new feature is a separate, customizable Alumni News search (formerly "Class Notes"). Alumni told us they’d like to be able to see all classmates’ notes (identifying options such as grad year, program, faculty, etc.),  vs. having to look up each classmate by name, then click on each profile separately. Don’t forget to submit your own alumni news!

Contact an Alumnus

There's a new, easy way for you to connect with your old friends--just click the "Contact this alumnus" button on their Alumni Directory profile!  If they've allowed other alumni to contact them through the Alumni E-Community, the message will be delivered directly. (If they haven't, Alumni Relations will try to get the message to them on your behalf.)

Log out Option

There’s now a logout button for increased security.